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Larry Marietta, CPA in Indianapolis

Is your CPA thinking outside of the box? Or just keeping you complacent?

Dear Small Business Entrepreneur,

Over the past 15 years our firm has consistently seen that small business owners pay too much in taxes. Knowing that there are underserved customers in our market pains us because we know that not all business owners pay the same amounts. Some pay a lot less…even on the same income. Why? Because of major differences between CPA’s.

Too many CPA’s and accountants struggle during tax season to get their returns out the door. They just don’t have the time – and often not enough expertise – to find the opportunities and loopholes. So, they take a reactive approach to tax planning, causing you to overpay significantly.

Can you really afford to be overcharged and underserved by your CPA?

Do you know what we’ve discovered?

When business owners come to us, we look at their tax returns. And too often, we find mistakes, lost deductions, overpayments, and “red flags”, all made by regular CPA’s and accountants who don’t personally and completely understand YOUR business.

This translates to lost dollars!  Dollars for your kids to go to college… dollars for family vacations… dollars that could go toward a new house or car… dollars that could be invested! Why pay the government a single penny more than what you owe?

Are You In Need Of Value?

We believe that if you implement the tax strategies that we’d like to suggest, you could save 25% or more on your taxes – compared to what you are currently paying. Don’t believe it? Bring us your tax returns, give us an hour and we’ll prove it!

It’s that simple. A FREE consultation. Just give us a call at (317) 216-1040 or fill out the form below.

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